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Submitted by Heidi on February 4, 2016

Today, consumers have widespread access to streaming video services with content choices coming online in ever greater quantities and at vastly improved quality. Given this dynamic, it is increasingly important for video providers to manage the security of OTT offerings throughout the video delivery chain.

In this webcast, moderator Keith Wymbs, CMO, Elemental, leads a roundtable discussion with Steve Christian, SVP Marketing, Verimatrix and Lionel Bringuier, Director of Product Management, Elemental, about digital rights management (DRM) solutions in light of browser diversity and security silos, content protection using forensic watermarking technologies, and the use of common encryption as MPEG-DASH adoption accelerates.

The panel also touches on how trends such as software-based video processing and the cloud are enabling solutions that protect content end-to-end, the accompanying capability for analytics that measure quality of service, consumption of online media, and the role of server-side ad insertion as a means for content monetization.

Watch the on-demand replay of the webcast, Secure Content for Connected Video Experiences, to learn more about how IPTV, pay TV operators and greenfield OTT players alike can simplify video infrastructure maintenance and operational requirements while offering connected video experiences with end-to-end content protection.

Submitted by Alicia on January 18, 2016

Symphony Communication Public Company Limited has become one of Thailand’s leading service providers, offering fiber optic telecommunications and IT infrastructure services to both local and international markets. In the country, there are an estimated 19.5 million Internet users, a number which has grown rapidly with the popularity of social networks, streaming and mobile phone services.

Symphony Communication also provides fiber optic networks to neighboring countries including Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore. The company uses software-defined video solutions from Elemental to receive video content, transcode and package IP streams, and deliver media to end-users. The service provider currently offers 124 channels for applications on mobile devices and web browsers enabling users to stream video.

In the Asia-Pacific region, demand for streaming services is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace. Kittiphol Pongnoparat, VP of IP Services at Symphony Communication, says the company is planning for the future by increasing content available to customers in Thailand and neighboring countries, developing high-definition (HD) and video-on-demand (VOD) solutions, and enhancing the company’s IP streaming service. Learn more about how Elemental video solutions support Symphony Communication in this customer snapshot.

Submitted by Heidi on January 14, 2016

In 2016, there is going to be a shift in how live events are broadcast to audiences. According to Steve Jones, Head of Live and Production for Viocorp, the use of cloud-based infrastructures for the webcasts his company provides to enterprise and government customers is expanding quickly. In 2015, nearly 30% of Viocorp production events relied on the cloud. Jones predicts that this year, about 70% of the company’s events will run on the cloud.

Alex Zhang, Senior Product Manager for AWS, and Sabina Andersson, Associate Product Manager, Cloud Solutions for Elemental, both acknowledge this growth is on the immediate horizon. Although there will always be a place for on-premises infrastructure – both Zhang and Andersson see these as complementary deployments – cloud-based infrastructures for live broadcast now match the capabilities of on-premises hardware, are easy to use, and save time and money that data center maintenance requires.

Elemental’s cloud-based video solutions, powered by AWS, can manage a growing variety of content sources, and offer increasingly feature-rich customizable solutions that allow for monetizing opportunities through live-to-VOD services and ad insertion, while providing both the scalability and resiliency that customers depend on.

The AWS media ecosystem and Amazon CloudFront CDN support companies ranging from start-ups to enterprises as they globally scale media content delivery. The goal is to customize content for end users based on viewing device and geographic location, all with end-to-end content encryption so consumers have the best viewing experience with minimal latency.

Tune into an on-demand replay of the webcast, Broadcasting Live from the Cloud, to learn more about live broadcast workflows leveraging cloud-based infrastructures, what’s required for the successful delivery of live events, Viocorp’s decision to move to cloud-based infrastructures, and to see a demonstration of Elemental Cloud.


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