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Submitted by Lisa on October 24, 2014

CASBAA's highly anticipated annual multichannel TV industry convention takes place October 27-30, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. A popular stop on the Asia Pacific broadcasting calendar, this year's event will explore the theme "Beyond the Box."

Next week, Elemental CEO Sam Blackman is traveling more than 6,500 miles from Portland, Oregon to join the conversation that the CASBAA Convention makes possible each year. You can find Sam and other industry luminaries at CASBAA 2014 using this roadmap:

Software-Defined Video
Start Tuesday, October 28 off right with an Elemental breakfast briefing focused on the benefits Asia Pacific TV operators can realize with software-defined video infrastructure and cloud-based management of video applications. Join executives from Accedo, Elemental, Turner and Verimatrix at 7:30am in the hotel’s Grand Ballroom for this discussion.

The Future of TV
Begin the morning on Wednesday, October 29 at 8:00am with an opportunity to hear perspectives from Elemental and Ericsson executives on the consumption, technology and business trends shaping Asia Pacific broadcasting.

The Case of 4K
On Wednesday, October 29 at 12:20pm, join key thought leaders from Akamai, Elemental, Eutelsat and SES for a hosted panel discussion about the trajectory of 4K broadcasting in the Asia Pacific region, with a spotlight on specific use cases.

For Cantonese speakers who would like to learn more about Elemental ahead of CASBAA, take a look at our Corporate Overview video. We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong!

Submitted by Alicia on October 22, 2014
Live Sketch by Natalka Design

In early October, Elemental CEO Sam Blackman and Aspera CEO Michelle Munson took the stage together at the Akamai Edge conference to present the partner keynote and describe the technology behind EVS streaming of the 2014 World Cup. The workflow incorporated technology from EVS, Aspera, Elemental and Akamai to bring content to viewers around the world. This was no easy task. The World Cup had 243 different live streams per game, almost 2.8 million minutes of encoded streams overall and 15 million hours of content watched by viewers.

The workflow originated in Brazil, where EVS captured multiscreen content, which was then transferred at high-speed to the cloud using Aspera FASP technology, a software transport platform for bulk data. Elemental enabled scalable video processing in the cloud and passed live content to Akamai for global delivery.

Beyond the World Cup, Elemental offers an integrated solution with Aspera FASP technology that enables high-speed transfer of media assets in a file-based video processing workflow. With Aspera, Elemental management and video processing software dramatically accelerates file transfer in both point-to-point workflows and workflows to and from the cloud. Learn more about this how Elemental software works with Aspera solutions in this webinar, which took place on October 15. You can also learn more in this joint solution brief.

Submitted by Keith on September 23, 2014

The latest e-book from Verimatrix is a must-read for service providers that are planning to intensively capitalize on IP and software-based technologies in order to deploy, power and manage a flexible suite of resources across their managed networks and beyond. “Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator, Part II: Progressive IP and Software-based Ecosystems Deliver the Future” is authored by executives from leading technology providers, including Elemental, and amplifies key components in the overall workflow of the software-empowered video operator model.

One of the key questions video providers face in today's multiscreen world is: how to keep pace with rapid changes in video technology and consumer demand without breaking the bank, over-provisioning resources, and taking unnecessary risks? Traditional video infrastructure must give way to flexible models that accommodate new and emerging requirements. New solutions also need to support business models that are shifting from high-fixed and low variable costing to low-fixed and high variable infrastructure expenditures.

In this e-book, we look at the industry transition from dedicated equipment to software-based architectures in collaboration with partners playing a critical role in creating software-centric solutions for the digital video ecosystem. Our chapter focuses on software-defined video processing that provides the flexibility, scalability and performance required to transform high quality video into new revenue streams via turnkey, cloud-based and virtualized deployment models.

A software-defined approach frees video providers from the constraints of dedicated equipment by allowing for the best architecture and processor combination to be used for a particular application, even if that application changes over time. Support for new services and video formats can be integrated through simple software upgrades and enables pay TV operators, content programmers and broadcasters to keep pace with an evolving industry embracing display formats like 4K Ultra HD and implementing standards such as HEVC and MPEG-DASH.

With the flexibility inherent to software, video providers don’t have to wait for new custom video chips to be released to market. They can continually update and enhance their infrastructure in line with increased consumer demand and technology advancements to create new revenue generating video services. Download your copy of “Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator, Part II: Progressive IP and Software-based Ecosystems Deliver the Future” for further insights.


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