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Submitted by Dwayne on June 17, 2015

Around the globe, we’re seeing more and more people opt for tuning in online to catch major live events in real-time. The higher profile the event, the more pressure mounts to meet the technological demands of massive audiences expecting to see high quality video streamed to their device of choice.

Whether it’s a specific sporting event like a World Cup final or the opening ceremony of an Olympic Games, must-see performances and concerts, gaming tournaments and other iconic content, online viewership has increased at staggering rates, doubling over the past three years alone. Knowing that demand could very quickly outstrip available resources, video programmers around the world have turned to Elemental to support these high-stakes scenarios and to deliver premium content anywhere, anytime with innovative, scalable software.

Now we’re doing the same with the Microsoft Xbox Live Events team. The team was created in 2010 to bring high quality live events to discriminating viewers that expect first class standards in terms of picture quality, latency and content delivery. In fact, 75 to 85 percent of Xbox console viewers can tap into an 11 Mbps stream. With 80 live streamed broadcasts to more than 40 countries to date, the Xbox live events team has met the lofty standards of their technologically advanced audience. This commitment to execute and deliver is the reason why Corey Smith, Service Engineering Manager at Xbox Live and his team partnered with Elemental.

“With Elemental we have been able to tackle the most demanding internet based broadcast events. Our partnership has been the key to success for Xbox in delivering a high quality broadcast that customers expect and differentiates us from many other internet broadcasters.”

To watch the presentation Corey gave at Streaming Media West 2014 on the use of Elemental software-defined video solutions to execute its goals around linear events streaming with dynamic ad insertion to a worldwide audience, click here.

Submitted by Sam on June 16, 2015

Over the past few years, Oregon’s technology industry has enjoyed a strong resurgence and now employs more than 90,000 workers. Unlike our historical roots in hardware-centric companies, software firms are now driving the majority of this growth. Given the general trend away from hardware to software-defined approaches, this comes as no surprise.

What might be unexpected, however, is that Oregon still falls below the national average for software-related jobs. Specifically, a recent industry benchmark issued by the Austin Technology Council (ATC) ranked Portland lower in terms of overall technology talent concentrations than major industry hubs across the U.S., such as San Jose, Seattle, Austin and San Francisco. Given the cluster-based nature of the technology industry, if we don’t establish Portland as a leading software development center now, there will be severe ramifications for our regional economic growth in the future.

So, how can Portland’s TechTown turn the tables and ensure we become a premiere software hub on a national and global level? By tapping into ALL the talent we have locally by committing to a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Today we are taking our first public steps to move these efforts forward, and have joined the Portland Development Commission (PDC), Technology Association of Oregon, Worksystems, Inc, and 12 other Portland companies in taking the Tech Diversity Pledge, an initiative that aims to improve training and hiring practices to create a more diverse workforce in Portland and beyond.

From its initial founding, Elemental has been committed to creating a workplace that fosters diversity and a culture that attracts, develops and retains talents of all backgrounds. We believe in the power of diversity and recognize that world-class innovation stems from inclusion, equality and transparency. To ensure accountability, we will self-report our diversity statistics on an annual basis.

The roots of gender and race underrepresentation in technology go deep into our education system and society. The focus on diversity and inclusion must start in early childhood — including reaching underrepresented young people. Later this month, I’ll share details about a unique event we’re holding this fall to promote greater diversity in Portland’s technology community. Funds from this event will be earmarked for a local group focused on making technology academic programs and careers more accessible to underrepresented youth.

The work we are taking on as rising tech companies to bring these issues to the surface is important. But it is just the beginning. We must be patient, as meaningful change of this magnitude takes time. Finally, we hope many more companies sign the pledge in the future. To ensure these efforts come to fruition, every company in Oregon’s tech sector must proactively support inclusivity and diversity.

Submitted by Pathman on May 29, 2015

Indonesia is like no other country in the world. As a nation of more than 17,000 islands, 6,000 are inhabited and nearly half of the country’s 253 million population lives in rural villages. So, it is surprising that Indonesia is also one of the largest global markets for social media and the fourth largest user of smartphones in the world.

Why is this? Indonesia’s mobile-first market, which began with the 25 and under population, is expanding. Prices for devices and services are coming down, expectations and middle class incomes are rising, and wireless Internet is breaking down Indonesia’s last mile obstacle with a vengeance. Internet use is poised for terrific growth – even acceleration.

In a country where nearly everyone watches television, a 6% household penetration for cable and satellite broadcast services can only mean good news for Elemental customer Orange TV, a leading pay TV service provider owned by Indonesia’s PT Mega Media. Elemental solutions are enabling Orange TV to expand and enhance its over-the-top (OTT) content delivery service, Generation Flix (Genflix).

Genflix, which offered Asian-themed entertainment at its launch in 2012, is actively expanding content. Their top offerings now include live sports, such as Barclays Premier League, box office movies and local episodic dramas, thanks to Elemental’s guaranteed content delivery and security. Orange TV is depending on Elemental’s video processing software to help attract Generation Y and millennials into its subscriber base.

Forecasts show that in the coming years, Indonesia will have as many people using the Internet as the next four largest ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries combined. This means a dynamic market for broadcast and interactive media, and increased demand for technology devices and online services. Elemental is proud to be part of Orange TV’s effort to bring anytime, anywhere high-quality TV and video to Indonesia.


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