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Submitted by Alicia on November 10, 2014

At industry events this fall, Elemental has demonstrated Elemental Delta, a new video delivery platform that provides a complete solution for real-time content delivery, dynamic ad insertion, time-shifted TV services and live-to-VOD applications. To shed some light on the capabilities of this extension to our line of software-defined video solutions, we’ve spelled out some of the features and benefits offered by Elemental D-E-L-T-A.

Delivery to any screen
Just-in-time packaging enables a complete solution for time-shifted TV and real-time video delivery to address any type of content request, from any type of device.

Encryption and monetization
Ad insertion, replacement or removal and targeted advertising for both live and VOD content lets video providers efficiently monetize content. End-to-end encryption provides the highest levels of content security and protection.

Lower cost of ownership
Reduce IP distribution costs by delivering content best suited to current network conditions. Device and content-specific rules allow video to be optimized, resulting in the best user experience.

Time-shifted TV services
Capabilities include start-over and catch-up TV, nPVR, delayed TV, pause TV, and VOD asset creation from live linear feeds, enabling video providers to implement network-based TV services.

All-in-one solution
A combination of just-in-time packaging, origin services, intelligent caching, dynamic ad insertion, and end-to-end content protection in a single platform makes Elemental Delta an ideal solution to extend multiscreen video delivery.

To learn more about how Elemental Delta, take a look at our white paper and product tour video.

Submitted by Lisa on November 6, 2014

Creating a workflow for live streaming large-scale events can be an enormously complex task. Broadcasters and other content providers have a multitude of choices in building out infrastructure that can efficiently and effectively format and distribute live video to consumers in a multiscreen world. In approaching the implementation of multiscreen service offerings, having confidence in the interoperability amongst components in the video delivery the workflow is key. This eases the way for video operators to focus on providing consumers with the best viewing experience possible.

Elemental is well known for its role in successfully streaming live video for major sporting events like the the 2011 Pan-American Games, the 2012 and 2014 Olympic Games, and most recently, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In many cases, the workflow design for live events with a global reach include both Elemental Live for video processing and Wowza Streaming Engine media server software for distribution. Interoperability between the two solutions allows customers to effectively bridge the gap between the camera and the end-user’s display.

Terra, the largest provider of Internet services in Latin America, provides a use case example that leverages both the power of Elemental video processing and the capabilities of Wowza Streaming Engine in a unified workflow. In its multiscreen deployment, Terra directs incoming broadcast feeds to Elemental Live software for encoding to five different profiles, which are then fed to Wowza Streaming Engine for distribution to CDN edge servers and to await RTMP, RTSP and HLS protocol requests. This approach allows Terra to prepare premium content for a wide range of viewing devices while minimizing required transmission bandwidth from the origin.

Together, Elemental and Wowza have implemented the interoperability to enable customers like Terra to deliver major live events to a widespread audience. To learn more about how to use Elemental Live encoding instances with Wowza Streaming Engine, Wowza offers a step-by-step guide to enable a connection and take advantage of the functionality Elemental Live provides.

Submitted by Lisa on October 24, 2014

CASBAA's highly anticipated annual multichannel TV industry convention takes place October 27-30, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. A popular stop on the Asia Pacific broadcasting calendar, this year's event will explore the theme "Beyond the Box."

Next week, Elemental CEO Sam Blackman is traveling more than 6,500 miles from Portland, Oregon to join the conversation that the CASBAA Convention makes possible each year. You can find Sam and other industry luminaries at CASBAA 2014 using this roadmap:

Software-Defined Video
Start Tuesday, October 28 off right with an Elemental breakfast briefing focused on the benefits Asia Pacific TV operators can realize with software-defined video infrastructure and cloud-based management of video applications. Join executives from Accedo, Elemental, Turner and Verimatrix at 7:30am in the hotel’s Grand Ballroom for this discussion.

The Future of TV
Begin the morning on Wednesday, October 29 at 8:00am with an opportunity to hear perspectives from Elemental and Ericsson executives on the consumption, technology and business trends shaping Asia Pacific broadcasting.

The Case of 4K
On Wednesday, October 29 at 12:20pm, join key thought leaders from Akamai, Elemental, Eutelsat and SES for a hosted panel discussion about the trajectory of 4K broadcasting in the Asia Pacific region, with a spotlight on specific use cases.

For Cantonese speakers who would like to learn more about Elemental ahead of CASBAA, take a look at our Corporate Overview video. We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong!


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