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News Coverage

2014-10-08 - TVB Europe highlights the finalists for the TVB Awards in the Delivery category, including Elemental for its support in live streaming the World Cup.
2014-09-30 - Multichannel News highlights the companies that took honors in its first annual Innovator Awards, which recognize outstanding products exhibited at the annual SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, including Elemental and its support of 4K HEVC.
2014-09-24 - GeekWire reports that Code Fellows, the Seattle-based programming bootcamp that guarantees its students a salary of at least $60,000 after graduation, is expanding to Portland, Oregon. Elemental CEO Sam Blackman offers his perspective about how Portland offers a unique competitive advantage for technology companies.
2014-09-23 - Mike Rogoway of The Oregonian reports that many of Oregon's prominent technology companies, including Elemental, have signed a declaration calling for robust action to combat climate change caused by air pollution.
2014-09-23 - Portland Business Journal reports that several tech companies, including Elemental, have joined the 200-plus Oregon businesses leading the charge against the effects of climate change.
2014-09-22 - TV Technology reports that EVS enabled the distribution of live multimedia feeds during the 2014 World Cup. The technical infrastructure was integrated with a multitude of leading technologies, including Elemental Cloud for cloud transcoding of live feed streaming.
2014-09-18 - SVG Europe reports on the industry's first annual 4K 4Charity fun run at IBC 2014, which was coordinated by Elemental and raised more than $20,000 for Oxfam International.
2014-09-16 - TVB Europe reports on the successful 4K 4Charity fun run at IBC 2014, organised by Elemental, which attracted 250+ participants and raised $10,000 for Oxfam.
2014-09-16 - TV Technology reports that at IBC, Elemental launched Elemental Delta, a video delivery platform that simplifies the process of adding on-demand services, reduces distribution costs and more accurately manages content in multiscreen delivery deployments.
2014-09-16 - Aspera, EVS and Elemental have developed and deployed a large-scale service for high-resolution live video streaming via the cloud to enable viewers to watch live HD media and sporting events from connected devices.
2014-09-15 - Digital Media World reports that Elemental Delta, a new video delivery platform, offers time-shifted services that can be adapted for multiscreen viewing and help create new ways to package live content alongside targeted advertising.
2014-09-14 - TVB Europe reports that the 2014 IABM Design and Innovation Awards recognised an astonishing array of new technologies across nine categories, including Elemental Delta for the Playout and Delivery Systems category.
2014-09-14 - Mike Rogoway reports that The Oregonian published the Silicon Forest 25, an annual ranking of the region's largest tech companies based on revenue. Elemental ranks at #19 on the list and is among several other younger businesses that are growing rapidly within the tech industry.
2014-09-13 - Ian McMurray of TVB Europe summarizes Elemental demonstrations at IBC 2014. Demonstrations focus on multiscreen video solutions for streaming live and on-demand video content.
2014-09-13 - Rapid TV News reports that Elemental has launched its new Elemental Delta video delivery platform at IBC, originating a new era in broadcasting. Elemental Delta is available as a cloud service, VM subscription, or appliance.
2014-09-13 - Digital TV Europe reports that Elemental has launched Elemental Delta, a new video delivery offering, at IBC. Digital TV Europe also highlights the partnership between Elemental and thePlatform to offer interactive multiscreen services.
2014-09-12 - Ian McMurray from TVB Europe reports that Elemental has launched Elemental Delta at IBC, a new video delivery platform that helps content owners and distributors add new time-shifted services, reduce distribution costs and more precisely manage content in multiscreen delivery deployments.
2014-09-12 - Streaming Media reports that Elemental has launched Elemental Delta, a video delivery platform that aims to solve problems with multiscreen delivery, reduce delivery costs, and add time-shifting services.
2014-09-12 - At IBC 2014 in Amsterdam, Elemental introduced Elemental Delta, a video delivery platform designed to help media companies and distributors add time-shifted services while also cutting down costs and reducing complexities.
2014-09-12 - Brian Santo of CED Magazine reports that Elemental launched a video delivery platform that combines just-in-time (JIT) packaging, origin services, intelligent caching, dynamic ad insertion and replacement, and end-to-end encrypted content protection functions in a single platform.


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