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Elemental® Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that securely manages high-volume live and on demand video solutions in combination with the scale and elasticity of the cloud. The service automatically provisions and dynamically scales virtual Elemental instances, and can seamlessly integrate those resources with on site infrastructure to instantly expand video processing capacity. This flexibility enables video providers to rapidly enhance multiscreen video offerings, grow audiences, generate greater revenues, and decrease capital expenses.

Experience the Benefits

Capture New Viewers

The proliferation of viewing devices makes video delivery possible to a wider audience than ever before. New tablets and smart phones are flooding the market, but to reach them, providers must convert video libraries at irregular intervals to support numerous screen sizes and resolutions. Elemental Cloud lets video suppliers quickly and easily expand infrastructure to seamlessly scale with market growth.

Protect Your Audience

Media coverage of breaking news can unexpectedly drive demand for archived video from documentaries, interviews and other content. This influx of usage can overwhelm processing equipment and constrain production of key assets, driving viewers to other outlets. By using Elemental Cloud to elastically scale video processing up and down during these events, content providers can ensure transcoding capacity is always in line with demand.

Extract Unrealized Revenue

The emerging multiscreen ecosystem is creating new revenue opportunities for archived content, but supporting the infrastructure for a one time project to convert a video library into new distribution formats can be cost prohibitive. Elemental’s flexible, hybrid model provides access to infinite resources by conditioning large in-house data for secure, high-speed delivery to the cloud.

Maximize Existing Investments

Many companies overinvest in video infrastructure to avoid capacity shortages caused by market growth or usage spikes. Elemental Cloud enables providers to procure just the right amount of hardware to fulfill regular processing requirements, while leveraging cloud resources to keep pace with variable demand. This allows media professionals to economically balance transcoding capacity and optimize the video infrastructure they already have.