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Product Inquiry

Elemental Conductor


Elemental® Conductor is a scalable platform component that provides control and management of Elemental video processing instances. The software-based solution offers high-availability, secure administration and comprehensive monitoring of encoding tasks through an easy-to-use, web-based user interface. It can also be integrated into third-party management platforms via SNMP or REST/XML APIs. Automated redundancy and recovery maintain the continuous signal flow critical for uninterrupted delivery of live content. Configurable system alerting and reporting is available through email, SNMP or web callbacks to simplify monitoring and give operators real-time updates on network and cluster conditions. Elemental Conductor lowers operating costs by reducing the complexity of multi-instance management while enabling scalability and stability of multi-encoder deployments.

Experience the Benefits

Simplified System Management Lowers Operating Expense

Manage multiple Elemental instances from a single interface in a standard web browser. The intuitive interface allows command and control of cluster functionality from on-site or remote locations to significantly reduce equipment costs and management overhead.

High Availability for Uninterrupted Video Service

Seamlessly detect, diagnose, contain and repair anomalies in the encoding cluster with customer-defined 1+1 or N+M redundancy. The management system automatically performs switchover and recovery of events or deployments for round-the-clock uptime and guaranteed content delivery to consumers.

Reduce Configuration Complexity and Maximize Revenue

REST/XML APIs and a Linux-based operating system allow easy integration into existing operations. Simulate switchover between redundant licenses in a controlled environment to optimize the deployment and ensure predictable failover results, prioritize critical channels and reduce overall network administration.