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Product Inquiry

Elemental Stream


Elemental® Stream is a platform component designed to segment, package and secure live and on-demand content for multiscreen delivery. It allows for customization of video at the optimal point in the IP video delivery infrastructure. The software-based solution can be positioned at the central encoding location or as an integral part of the content delivery pipeline, making it ideal for pay TV operators, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), broadcasters and content owners. By customizing content independently of the encoding process, Elemental Stream lowers costs for IP video delivery and is perfectly suited to enhance TV Everywhere and over-the-top video infrastructures.

Experience the Benefits

Reduce Network Strain

Minimize network bandwidth costs and simplify file management by allowing origin encoders at the headend, such as Elemental Live and Elemental Server, to create multi-bitrate video streams in a single format for efficient delivery and further processing by Elemental Stream at the edge of the network.

Maximize Revenue Opportunity

Customize content distribution to meet device proliferation and regional advertising requirements to enable faster monetization of content. Maintain a current encoder infrastructure while Elemental Stream packages video to support existing and future content delivery protocols such as MPEG-DASH.

Take a Best of Breed Approach

Integrate seamlessly with existing delivery infrastructures, taking advantage of encoders and CDN solutions already in place. Support multiple IP inputs for redundancy and apply specific DRM to adaptive bitrate formats at the time of distribution.

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