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Briefs & Notes

Find information here about the depth and breadth of the applications Elemental supports across market segments and geographies.

Application Briefs

Elemental Stream at the Origin and Edge

Learn how content programmers use Elemental Stream to reduce storage needs by separating video packaging from the encoding process and apply DRM at the point of distribution - while pay TV operators use the system to gain more control over when and where video is packaged on the distribution network.

On-Demand Video Delivery for Multiscreen

Pay TV operators face a challenge with the advent of on-demand video delivered over-the-top: content which was once created solely for television now needs to be formatted for viewing on any device at any time. Learn how Elemental solutions help pay TV operators deliver VOD content to subscribers on a wide array of platforms.

Over the Top Linear Video Distribution

Cable, satellite and other pay TV operators are challenged to extend traditional linear television services to network-enabled devices such as set-top boxes, tablets and smartphones. Learn how Elemental Live enables pay TV operators to deliver high quality portable television services to subscribers.

Major League Sports Video for New Media

While delivering multiscreen video to fans on any device is one of the hottest applications in the sports world today, it's not the only one. Learn how Elemental provides solutions that fans, officials and league employees take advantage of for real-time access to a variety of major league sports video.

Monetizing College Sports Digital Video

College fans increasingly expect and demand expanded coverage of their school’s sporting events from the Web and on mobile devices. Learn how Elemental's solutions provide a better viewing experience for sports on every platform.

Live Streaming Government Video

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video capture and distribution are a hallmark of in-theater military operations around the globe. Learn how solutions from Elemental supply the high quality, low latency and access to KLV data that are must-haves in military video applications.

Solution Briefs

Elemental Delta and Google Widevine

Learn how Elemental Delta video delivery and Google Widevine Modular DRM provide a seamless solution for protecting and streaming live, VOD and live-to-VOD content using common encryption (CENC) and MPEG-DASH.

Cisco UCS Enables Unified Infrastructure

Learn how Software-Defined Video (SDV) solutions from Elemental deployed on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) give video providers the ability to distribute video processing and delivery functions across an optimal combination of dedicated and virtualized resources.

Personalized Video Delivery

Learn how integrating Elemental Delta video delivery and EMC Isilon scale-out storage overcomes multiscreen video storage and distribution complexities, enables ad insertion for personalized viewing experiences and creates monetization opportunities.

Monetizing Live-to-VOD Services

This solution brief details how content protection and monetization is enabled in an end-to-end live-to-VOD workflow with advanced functionality that allows video providers to maximize revenues while streamlining video delivery infrastructure and operations.

Content Programmers

Video beyond the TV requires technology that enables content delivery to a wide range of devices, using both traditional and new distribution methods. Learn how content programmers use Elemental solutions to better engage their audience in a multiscreen world.

Pay TV Operators

Expanding traditional video delivery beyond the TV set, while also bringing web video to the TV, requires scalable, high-performance solutions. Learn how pay TV operators use Elemental solutions to secure subscribers in a multiscreen world.


Broadcasters are increasingly contemplating becoming the “go-to” source for all local content, regardless of viewing platform. Learn how broadcasters use Elemental solutions to satisfy viewership in a multiscreen world.


Availability of high-quality, low-latency video can significantly impact military and governmental agency mission success. Learn how HEVC is proven to maintain superior video quality while overcoming challenges posed by constrained network bandwidth.

Technical Notes

Audio Loudness Management

Audio management technology helps pay TV operators comply with the CALM Act by measuring, correcting and reporting across hundreds of audio services. Learn how video processing and delivery solutions from Elemental support audio normalization for a consistent audio experience across all media.

Ad Insertion

TV broadcasters, pay TV operators and content programmers have long used ad insertion technologies as a means of injecting commercial and custom content into local, regional or nationally distributed programming. Learn how Elemental systems enable ad insertion to increase revenues in a streaming media workflow.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is an essential element of both broadcast television and online video. Learn how Elemental systems can create captioning output compatible with an array of target playback devices, including PCs, set-top boxes, mobile phones and tablet devices.