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Interested in learning more about video from inside Elemental? Find information here about the company and our products.


Elemental Delta

Lionel Bringuier, Director of Product Management for Elemental Video Delivery Products, focuses on Elemental Delta features and applications. The webcast includes product demonstrations and extensive Q&A.

Creating Scalable Workflows for File-Based Video Delivery

Mike Callahan, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Elemental, discusses how pay TV operators, content programmers and broadcasters can best keep pace with screen proliferation by creating flexible, scalable and easy-to-manage video delivery workflows for premium content. 

The Future of Media Delivery

Subject matter experts from Dolby, Elemental, Verimatrix and VisualOn discuss specific efforts driving the future of media delivery and technologies that help customers create, secure and track high-value content for any device. The expert panel identifies industry innovations expected to see adoption over the next six to 24 months, including advances in video compression, packaging, audio processing and content protection. 

Aligning Trends in Multiscreen Video

Keith Wymbs, Elemental Chief Marketing Officer, and Dustin Encelewski, Director of Product Marketing at Elemental, discuss aligning trends in multiscreen video and delve into the mechanics behind video processing in the cloud. 

HEVC / H.265

HEVC / H.265 is an open standard intended to leverage exceptionally efficient video compression techniques. Without sacrificing video quality, HEVC can reduce the size of a video file or bitstream by as much as 50 percent compared to AVC/H.264 or as much as 75 percent compared to MPEG-2 standards. This results in reduced video storage and transmission costs and also paves the way for higher definition content to be delivered to consumers. Learn more about the HEVC standard, its expected adoption across industry segments and how Elemental solutions support migration to the new codec.


The New Media Aftershock

How is it possible to effectively and efficiently create video for the myriad display devices available to consumers today? The sheer number of customized streams required to achieve ubiquitous video delivery over any network, to any device, in any format, is astonishing. A representation of the potential streams required to reach new media devices reveals that optimized video processing is essential to meet demand in a Media Multiplied world.

The Tablet Trajectory

Ever wonder why video looks so good on the iPad? Elemental might have something to do with that. Elemental has seen its business grow right along with Apple's iPad sales. Unit shipments from Elemental have soared as content programmers and service providers look to create video content to meet demand from iPad and other mobile device users.

The Expanding Video Universe

Elemental took data from Nielsen, along with industry reports, regarding the number of channels available to consumers in each decade and then overlaid various growth factors for the replication of content needed to simultaneously deliver video to HDTVs, PCs, tablets and mobile devices using traditional and adaptive streaming technologies. The number of original hours of content produced in each decade is astounding.