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Learn about the unmatched innovation Elemental offers with its software-defined approach to video processing.

Elemental White Papers

Implementing Live-to-VOD Services

Today, replaying a scene from a live TV broadcast is as simple as hitting the rewind button and catching up on a favorite show is just a menu option away. This white paper details how Elemental Delta, a new video delivery platform designed to optimize the monetization, management and distribution of multiscreen video across IP networks, enables video providers to efficiently implement live-to-VOD offerings.

Software-Defined Video

The video and television industries are changing so rapidly, it’s no longer possible for broadcasters, content programmers and pay TV operators to keep pace through capital investments in video processing equipment alone. This white paper explores how software-defined video (SDV) solutions offer a way around the dilemma between long-term investments in video delivery technology and short-term return on investment.

Live 4K Ultra HD TV: From Demonstration to Service Launch

With the HEVC codec enabling 4K content delivery at reasonable bitrates and the availability of affordable television sets, pay TV operators and OTT service providers will soon launch new 4K TV services trials. This white paper focuses on the use of HEVC for broadcasting and streaming live 4K content, the expected trajectory of adoption by various content providers and how Elemental solutions support live 4K content delivery.

Pay TV Lite: A New Strategy for IPTV Operators

In recent years, many telecommunications companies have used advances in IP networking and video compression to launch subscriber services bundling video with voice and high-speed Internet. This white paper explores how telcos can take advantage of existing IPTV infrastructure to create a Pay TV Lite service offering that gives subscribers a compelling channel lineup and allows for expansion into new markets.

Optimizing Video Processing Infrastructure with the Cloud

Just as adaptive streaming technologies offer more efficient ways to deliver over-the-top television (OTT) and TV Everywhere experiences, the cloud offers the ability to expand traditional video operations with elastic resources and shift capital investments to operational expenses that are based on actual usage. Learn how implementing a hybrid approach puts cloud-based video processing within reach for media companies.

HEVC Demystified: A Primer on the H.265 Video Codec

The most recent non-proprietary video compression standard, High-Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC), also known as H.265, is expected to become the video standard of choice for the next decade. As with each generation of video compression technology before it, HEVC promises to reduce the overall cost of delivering and storing video assets while maintaining or increasing the quality of experience for the viewer.

CDNs Demystified: A Streaming Technology Primer

Learn about the fundamental capabilities and practices of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) as they relate to video processing functions, such as those provided by Elemental. This white paper describes how a CDN operates and details the interactions that take place between the software, hardware and networks components that comprise a CDN video delivery system.

Partner White Papers

Breaking the CPU Barrier in Media Transcoding Performance

EMC Isilon and Elemental provide best-in-class, massively scalable solutions for IPTV transcoding and on-demand content delivery for broadcast media workflows. The world’s top on-demand service providers rely on EMC Isilon scale out NAS and Elemental Server GPU-based video transcoding solutions to simplify and accelerate their workflows.